Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless Mini-Split

At AMS A/C & Heating, we offer a variety of ductless mini-split options.  Traditional central air conditioning is not always the best fit for every home. In many situations, installing whole-home air conditioning may not be possible due to lack of space for ductwork. Ductless heating and cooling units, known as ductless mini-split air conditioners are a great solution.


What Are Ductless Mini-Splits?

A ductless heat pump or air conditioner typically consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit combined with an outside compressor. Mini splits don’t need full-sized air ducts to work. A conventional central A/C system generates cold air at a single point and distributes it through large ducts throughout the home. A ductless mini split system, on the other hand, uses an individual fan and evaporator unit for each room.

Having mini split units in each air-conditioned room allows you to better control the temperature of each room in your home. Rooms that aren’t being used regularly can be turned off to save energy. Rooms that get pretty warm can have the temperature adjusted to be more comfortable. The room control that ductless mini splits offer lowers energy costs better than a whole house air conditioning system.

These units are also quieter, more and more energy efficient than traditional systems. With a variety of configurations, AMS offers both single and multi-zone custom mini-split solutions to heat and cool even the most difficult areas.

Ruud Ductless Mini Split


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