Ruud Air Conditioning Systems

At AMS A/C & Heating, we recommend only the highest quality AC systems to our customers; and Ruud products deliver that quality every time. The benefits of owning a Ruud central air conditioner don’t end after installation. Each of our central air conditioning units are backed with a Ruud warranty, guaranteeing a cooler, more comfortable home year round. As a Ruud Pro Partner, AMS can offer you a better value on Ruud equipment and installations than any other contractor, with exclusive Pro Partner financing options and promotional offers—so you can afford the solution that’s best for you.

As an authorized RUUD dealer, we specialize in the RUUD Ultra Series Variable Speed

air conditioning system.  EcoNet™ Enabled, inverter-driven Ruud Ultra™ Series Variable-Speed Air Conditioners deliver all the smart comfort and energy-saving performance you expect from Ruud. With inverter technology, as the unit works to adjust to your cooling needs, indoor fan speeds sync with the compressor’s speed to match air input and output. This results in a continual and efficient adjustment to your comfort needs, offering more precise all day temperature, humidity and indoor air quality control. The compressor found in the Ultra Series Air Conditioner provides superior performance and reliability. Variable speeds allow your unit to adapt to surrounding conditions with more precision and efficiency, avoiding temperature fluctuations that are sometimes associated with standard single-stage systems. And because your variable-speed system is efficiently adjusting to your cooling needs, it’s also able to deliver humidity and indoor air quality control that is not possible with standard on/off single-stage designs.

It’s also easy to save on energy costs with the Ultra Series Air Conditioner. The variable speed operation outperforms single-stage systems and provides you with a new level of adaptability and precision. While that means more comfort for your home, it also means more energy savings.

The overdrive feature on the UA18AZ Air Conditioner maintains your home comfort when temperatures are as high as 107°F. If you’re interested in getting the most from your unit, count on a variable-speed air conditioner from Ruud.


Our goal is to provide you the best Air Conditioning system that will last you 15 to 20 years. We focus on the installation of the system. Click here to learn more about why you should choose us as your trusted installer.

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    Ruud’s Achiever Plus Series 3-Stage UA16AZ

    As an authorized RUUD dealer, we specialize in the RUUD Achiever Plus Series 3-Stage air conditioning system. The RUUD Achiever Plus Series High Efficiency Three-Stage AC system was designed with performance in mind. The RUUD Achiever Plus Series offers comfort, energy conservation and dependability for single family homes and light commercial applications.

    The RUUD Achiever Plus Series 3-Stage air conditioning system comes with the Comfort Control2 System which provides over 32 on-board diagnostic and fault history codes. The integrated diagnostics with Active Protection prevents compressor operation when potentially harmful conditions are detected. It sends “Call for Service” alert notification to the thermostat to alert you of required service.

    For quieter operation the unit is provided with a compressor sound blanket. The RUUD Achiever Plus Series 3-Stage ACs are equipped with two compressors designed for 67/33% split.  The RUUD Achiever Plus Series 3-Stage AC units are designed for precise temperature control with an On-Demand dehumidification feature. The system adjusts the airflow to help control humidity in your home for unsurpassed comfort in the cooling mode.

    If your existing AC system is old, in need of repair or simply inefficient, purchasing a new RUUD Achiever Plus Series 3-Stage system. The Three-Stage can be as much as 50% or more efficient than your existing AC system. So if you are looking for a new air conditioning replacement in Katy, Tx or West Houston, call AMS A/C & Heating.

    Ruud’s Achiever Series Single Stage

    The RUUD Achiever Series High Efficiency Single-Stage AC systems were designed with reliability in mind. The RUUD Achiever Series  offer comfort, energy conservation and dependability for single family homes and light commercial applications. The RUUD Achiever Series air conditioners come with energy efficiency ratings up to 16 SEER2.

    For quieter operation the unit is provided with a composite base which dampens sound and eliminates corrosion. All of the louvers and panels are powder coat painted for a long lasting professional finish. The RUUD Achiever Series are designed to provide years of comfort in your home.

    There are many heating and AC replacement systems such as Ruud products to choose from today. AMS A/C & Heating will give you the best Ruud Products and AC price, the best AC installation and the best AC service after the sale, so call us for your FREE Estimate on a new Ruud AC and ​see how you can save.