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Preventative AC Maintenance

Did you know that the best way to protect your investment is with annual AC maintenance? Schedule your appointment for our 24-Point Precision AC Tune-Up detailed below. Benefits of regular AC maintenance are:

  • Expand the life of your system

  • Save money on monthly utility bills

  • Increased air quality and comfort

  • Avoid future, more expensive repairs

  • Keep your warranties intact

Proper AC maintenance is important to keep your AC system operating at the highest energy efficiency possible and to extend the life of your AC system. Our Precision AC Tune-up can save you a lot of money in the long run. AMS offers Annual Maintenance Plans.

AMS Katy AC and Heating AC Maintenance 24 Precision Tune Up

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24 Point Precision AC Tune-Up

  • Verify AC cooling performance and refrigerant charge

  • Check suction and head pressures

  • Check system superheat

  • Check refrigerant subcooling

  • Check condenser coil temperatures

  • Check condenser coil, rinse if required

  • Inspect condenser unit disconnect and/or fuses

  • Inspect condenser fan motor operation, and lubricate as necessary

  • Check amperage of compressor for proper operation

  • Check voltage of compressor

  • Check amperage of condenser fan motor

  • Test condenser fan motor run capacitors

  • Test compressor run capacitors

  • Test compressor start capacitors

  • Test operation and condition of compressor contactor

  • Inspect and tighten electrical connections

  • Inspect indoor evaporator coil, if easily accessible

  • Inspect condensate drain pan, if easily accessible

  • Check condensate drain to assure it is open

  • Inspect safety and limit switches

  • Inspect and adjust belts and pulleys, as required

  • Evaluate condition of air filters and other indoor air quality accessories

  • Check thermostat to confirm proper operation

  • Check condition of ductwork

Our Reviews

Gene and the crew at AMS were amazing!!! Great service plus a new install. They were honest, on time, and priced appropriately. 

Mark Poehlmann

Great service and price with integrity which is needed in the AC/Heating industry. Highly recommended.

Mark Wells

Great job installing two A/C and heating units They were prompt, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly.

Tom H

Great Service. They installed a new 4 ton A/c for me. Very professional.

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