Heater Maintenance

Heater Maintenance in Katy and Surrounding Areas

The best way to keep your heater in good health is to have it serviced annually. Whether you have an old furnace or a new heat pump, regular maintenance is essential.

Why Do Heating Systems Need Regular Maintenance?

Like air conditioners, heating systems work hard to maintain optimal indoor temperatures. Although the Katy cold season is relatively short, you still rely on your furnace or heat pump for warmth when you need it. Regular maintenance ensures your appliance is working as efficiently as possible, which can save you money in the long run. Even if you have a newer model, regular maintenance will keep it from breaking down early so you can enjoy its heating power for years to come. Direct Energy has some additional tips on heater maintenance and how to prepare for the winter.

Heater Tune-Up

Proper maintenance is important to keep your furnace operating at the highest energy efficiency possible and to extend the life of your heating system. Our 24-Point Precision Heater Tune-up can save you a lot of money in the long run. AMS offers Annual Maintenance Plans.

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24 Point Precision Heater Tune-Up

  • Check operation of thermostat

  • Check heater safety limit controls

  • Check blower motor

  • Check blower motor amperage

  • Check blower assembly

  • Check operation of blower motor

  • Check operation of vent blower

  • Set proper combustion and ignition

  • Examine vent connector

  • Inspect venting system

  • Check pilot and ignition system

  • Clean pilot If required

  • Check gas pilot safety system

  • Visual check gas piping to furnace

  • Check pressure safety switches

  • Check air filters

  • Perform carbon monoxide test

  • Inspect combustion/ventilation air space

  • Inspect heat exchanger

  • Inspect high limits safeties

  • Inspect gas valve

  • Inspect burners

  • Check power disconnect

  • Check electrical connections

Our Reviews

Gene and the crew at AMS were amazing!!! Great service plus a new install. They were honest, on time, and priced appropriately. 

Mark Poehlmann

Great service and price with integrity which is needed in the AC/Heating industry. Highly recommended.

Mark Wells

Great job installing two A/C and heating units They were prompt, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly.

Tom H

Great Service. They installed a new 4 ton A/c for me. Very professional.

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